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Category: Biotechnology

1 Jun

Phytochemical screening methods

Introduction- On a recent survey conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) globally, around 20,000 Medicinal plants are being used profusely either in pharmaceutical industry or in folk medicines. Interestingly, about 1.4% do possess well-established, widely—proven and broadly accepted unequivocally active constituents (Kar, 2007). Plants known to contain food and mixture of extraordinary chemicals, some […]
15 Nov

How to build a career in biotechnology after 10+2

Science always took special interest among the students in various disciplines. As the science grows into various technical and biological areas, students started thinking beyond the traditional streams i.e. medical and engineering. Promising career options among the different branches of science have changed the mind set of students to think about exciting and inspiring profession. […]
15 Nov

Scope of Biotechnology in Pakistan

It is said that Twenty first century is the “century of Biotechnology”. In the view of that Pakistan first realized the importance of Biotechnology in 1959 in Pakistan’s first commission on science and technology when they set up research institutes and organizations to cope up with the increasing demands of development in science and to […]