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Scope of Biotechnology in Pakistan

15 Nov

Scope of Biotechnology in Pakistan

It is said that Twenty first century is the “century of Biotechnology”. In the view of that Pakistan first realized the importance of Biotechnology in 1959 in Pakistan’s first commission on science and technology when they set up research institutes and organizations to cope up with the increasing demands of development in science and to meet the challenges of the modern world. The scope of biotechnology in Pakistan is bright as there are many educational institutions which are offering biotechnology as a course and providing research opportunities for students. Further, there is a huge list of institutions which are providing platform to emerging and senior biotechnologists to utilize their research skills in diverse areas of biotechnology. Some institutions which are doing research in various field of biotechnology in Pakistan are follows.
NARC is an old research center, located in Islamabad (capital of Pakistan) which is well known for its research activities relevant to agriculture. They hire many university graduates as interns to train them. Few years back, Pakistan suffered from cotton crisis. This institution contributed greatly in developing BT cotton and also aided in its awareness in farmers.
Author : Khushi Khan
Correspondence: Email idkhan.khushi47@yahoo.com