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Ms.Sonali Saxena shares her experiences in Biotechnology

15 Nov

Ms.Sonali Saxena shares her experiences in Biotechnology

When we all clear our intermediate exams, we have many options upon which we can build our career. Most of the students prefer popular streams like medical & engineering. As I was from biology stream, so I had an only option to opt for medical courses. I always wanted to do something different which is away from the crowd. Then, I heard about biotechnology, the name in itself was quite interesting, biology + technology. So, I searched about it & I found that it includes any technique that uses living organisms to make or modify products, to improve plants or animals or to develop microorganisms for specific uses.
Over past decades, biotechnology is benefiting our society but we are unknown of this very fact.  For medicine biotechnology has been a blessing, healing people who suffer from hemophilia. Hemophilia is the condition where the person may die due to blood loss when cut or wounded. This is caused by lack of a chemical known as Factor 9, which allows the patient to heal from wounds. Scientists may now insert a gene into patients own DNA causing the patient to heal skin, which has been impossible until now with Genetic Engineering.
Even Hollywood has taken advantage of biotechnology with blockbuster movies like Jurassic park. In this movie, a genetic company named InGen recreates dinosaurs through fossilized DNA. Now a day’s,  most of the people don’t know about biotech but after knowing all these facts , my interest in biotechnology increased & I decided that I will opt this field & will help in making mankind life more easier.

: Sonali Saxena
Designation: M.C Saxena College of Engineering & Technology
Correspondence: saxenasonali507@gmail.com