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Malika Ahuja shares Basic Hygience tips during Menstruation

8 Jun

Malika Ahuja shares Basic Hygience tips during Menstruation

Menstruation is a time of major risk of infection for women, including sexually transmitted infections. This increased risk of infection occurs because the mucus that usually blocks the cervix opens during menstruation so as to allow blood to pass out of the body. This makes it possible for bacteria to travel up into the uterus and pelvic cavity. Vaginal pH changes which makes yeast infections to occur more likely.

It is necessary that each woman should understand the practices for period hygiene. Below are the few necessary tips to be followed during mensuration:

1. Method of Sanitation:
Choosing the appropriate way of Sanitation is most important point to be taken care of while on periods. Using the olden time’s cloth is not at all hygienic as it may lead to leakage in day-to-day hectic life style. Selecting one brand of tampons or sanitary napkins is the must for hygienic vagina; as different brands may lead to irritation reason being all brands are unique in their own way.

2. Change and Wash Regularly:
Menstrual blood once comes out of the body, gets loaded with the normal floral of the vagina and other body organisms. Leaving the pad on for the long time, leads to multiplication of the organisms as the area remains warm and moist facilitation their growth. Also regular washing is important as it tend to get rid off the bad odor and also washing away the excess blood prevents its penetration in some un-noticeable scars in the skin or between the labia. This keeps the vagina happy and in good breathing.

3. NO-NO:
Say a NO-NO to soap and other vaginal products. The reason being is, Vagina has its own cleansing mechanism which can differentiate between good and bad bacteria. Using soap or other vaginal products may lead to washing away of good bacteria also leading to the more risk of infections. To clean the vagina, all it is needed is Warm water..!!

4. Right Washing Technique:
The right washing technique is very important for the healthy vagina. Washing should be done from vagina to the Anus and never in the opposite direction. As the washing in the opposite direction may lead to the entry of the bacterial to the urethral opening thus causing infections.

5. Pad Rash:
Wearing the pad for whole day long for subsequently 4 to 5 days will definitely lead to rash or itching. The best way to deal with it is to stay dry. So, proper washing of the vaginal area, changing the pad at proper intervals (between 6 to 7 hours). Applying an ointment or fungal dusting powder after bathing and before bad can prevent the thigh reason from chaffing and away from any pad rash.

These basic tips can help any women of any group, following any life style; from being a big star, to a working women or a house lady; can help to keep vagina hygienic, healthy and happy all those days of the month.


An article by Malikka Ahuja