Seminar organised on My health-My Responsibility @ Patkar-Varde College, Mumbai.


Date: 2nd December 2017.

Place: Patkar-Varde college auditorium.

Department of Microbiology had organised a seminar on “My health, My responsibility”, on the occasion of world AIDS day. The seminar comprised of topics like prevention of diseases including infections, sexual health education covering STD’S and HIV and lifestyle modification. The speaker was “Dr. Trupti Gilada Baheti” MD in internal medicine ,Consultant Physician and Director of Unison Medicare and HIV Research Centre, Mumbai and Coordinator – Youth Wing, People’s Health Organisation (India): not-for-profit HIV Organization.   She has done a lot of social work regarding AIDS awareness and many related topics. More than 300 students from the departments of BBI, BMS, BAF, IT, CS Microbiology and Biotechnology attended the seminar.

She briefed about drug addiction and prevention against sexually transmitted diseases. She spoke about the myths and social stigma related to HIV and AIDS. She gave us useful information about HIV testing and medications that people can take, which can prevent transmission of diseases. She discussed the correct steps to be taken if one is suspecting HIV infection. She also shared her opinion on drug addiction and rehabilitation and the steps to be taken to get rid of the addiction. She told us about some facts on sexually transmitted diseases, mode of transmission and drug addiction especially in young population.  She also educated students about adult vaccines. She answered doubts of students regarding the same. All the students of S. Y. Microbiology had made posters on slogans related to the seminar topics and displayed it on the day of seminar.

This event was highly successful.

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