Mission Biotechnology Popularization… Join now…!!!

Hello All,

Thank you for showing interest to popularize biotechnology in India. Here are the few steps you can do to spread awareness and help us to reach every single home in this nation.

  1. You can write your personal experiences, success stories, dreams for future and spread the same among your contacts and through various networking sites and scientific communities.
  2. You can join as a partner in spreading the news among the needy students. You can also request training institutes, colleges, research institutes, production and service based companies to join us in this mission.
  3. You can write inspiring and motivating stories so that your friends, colleagues can be motivated.
  4. There is no restriction to join this campaign. You can be a student, lecturer, professor, scientist, CEO, manager, etc. Anyone and everyone associated with biotechnology can join. I also request parents of successful students to come forward and express their views.
  5. All eminent personalities of the nation are invited to join this campaign and share their experiences.
  6. If you wrote a book, published a paper or came out with an innovative discovery, you can definitely write to us and we will share the same. You can enter yourself in the form mentioned below.
  7. You can also share your success stories so that it can inspire everyone. Companies can also promote their offers, schemes and competitions.

In order to create that, we have provided a free space for you. Please use the link below and let us together bring the lost glory of biotechnology in India.

Awaiting your positive response in this regard.


Your suggestions are welcome to make this happen. This is open to everyone on this planet.


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