Miss Biotech Competition – Celebrating Women’s Day

Thank you for showing interest in Miss Biotech competition. Below are some rules.

Send your picture along with name and university and place. You can drop your picture via mail to info@gobioplanet.com. Alternatively, you can message us.

For example. Sushma P, Nagpur University, Nagpur.

Winner will be decided by the maximum number of likes and comments.

1 like = 1 point.

1 comment = 5 points.

Your points will be counted on 1st April.

First two winners will be provided with biotech T-Shirt.

Your pictures will be displayed on our page


You can send maximum two pictures.

Please note: We assure you that we will not use the pictures for any other purpose. If anyone else does the same, we are not held responsible for the same.

Hope to have a highly fair and encouraging competition.

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