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Hello Biotechnologist,

Students are facing a problem to find a job in India and around the world. The reason to face this job crisis is the fact that many of students don’t know the companies in the field.

We are bringing you a list of more than 700 biotechnology related companies. We hope that it will be a help to you. You just have to follow a simple step mentioned below:

We wish you best luck in making your career in the field.

This information is collected and presented by Mr.Rahul Kharade.


100x ImagingIndiaPvtLtd

Abexome Biosciences Private Limted

ABL Biotechnologies Ltd

ABLE (Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises)

Abbott India

ABS- NOVACELL Biopharmaceuticals India Pvt Ltd

Accelrys Inc.

Accurex Biomedical Pvt Ltd

Accutest Research Laboratories (I) PvtLtd

Ace Biomed Private Limited 

Ace Instruments Services Pvt Ltd

Actimus Biosciences Pvt Ltd

Actis Biologics Pvt Ltd

Acton Biotech(India) Pvt Ltd

Adam FabriwerkPvt Ltd

Advanced Bio-Photonics

Advanced Computer Systems

Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd

Advance MicrodevicesPvt Ltd

Advanta India Ltd

Advinus Therapeutics Ltd

AG Bioteck Laboratories(india) Pvt Ltd

Agappe Diagnostics Pvt Ltd

AgastyaBiopharm India Ltd

Agharkar Research Institute

Agilent Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Agro Biotech Research Center Ltd

Agro Machinery & Consultancy (p) Ltd

Ajanta Pharma Limited

Ajay Biotech India Ltd

Ajeet Seeds Ltd

Alcon Biosciences Private Limited 

Alembic Ltd

Alfa Laval India Ltd

Alkali Metals Ltd

All India Biotech Association 

Allele Life Sciences(p) Ltd.

Allied Univet Marketers Pvt Ltd

Amar Immunodiagnostics Pvt Ltd

Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprise

Americos Industries Inc.

Amit Biotech

Amkette Analytics Pvt Ltd

Amrita Therapeutics Limited 

Anand Brothers & AB Diachem System Pvt Ltd

ANDEL Equipment Pvt Ltd

Anil Group

Anil Products Ltd

Animal Biotech BanglorePvt Ltd

Ankur Seeds Pvt Ltd

Anthem Biosciences Pvt Ltd

Apothecaries Pvt Ltd

Apticraft Systems(p) Ltd

Laurus Labs Pvt Ltd

ABC Genomics(India) Pvt Ltd

ARA Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Aris Global

Aristogene Biosciences

Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd

Arun& Co.

Arvind Remedies Ltd.

AshcoNiulab Industries Ltd

Asian Clinical Trials Ltd

Asiatic Clinical Research

Astra Zeneca India Pvt Ltd

Atharva Biosciences Pvt Ltd

AtharvaLifesciences Consulting Pvt Ltd

Aumgene Biosciences Pvt Ltd

Aureole Technologies Pvt Ltd

Aurigene Discovery Technologies Limited

Auroprobe Laboratories

Automated Systems Private Ltd

Aventis Pharma Ltd

Avesthagen Limited

AvignaChemitechPvt Ltd

Avon Organics Ltd

Avra Laboratories Pvt Ltd

AVT Biotech

Axiom Biotek INC

Axis Diagnostics & Biotech Ltd

Axygen Scientific Pvt Ltd

Ayan India Distribution Private Limited 

Ayushi Biotech

Azadi Bioscience Pvt Ltd


BACFO Pharmaceuticals India Limited 

Bacto Agro Culture Care Pvt Ltd

Bafna Pharmaceuticals

Bangalore GeneiPvt Ltd 

BasarassBiocon(India) Pvt Ltd

Baxter (India) Private Limited

Bayer CropScience Ltd

Bayer Diagnostics India Ltd

Beacon Diagnostics Pvt Ltd

Becton Dickinson India Pvt Ltd

BejoSheetal Seeds Pvt Ltd

Bela Instruments

Bench Bio Private Limited

Best Biotek Research Pvt Ltd

Bharat Biotech International Ltd

Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals Corporation Ltd(BIBCOL)

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd 

Bharat Serums and Vaccines Ltd

Bhat Biotech India (P) Ltd

Bhawalkar Ecological Research Institute/ BhawalkarVermitechPvt Ltd

BI Biotech India Pvt Ltd

Biotec Labs

Bio Mantra

Bio Med (p) Ltd

BioArc Research Solutions

Bioasset Technologies Private Limited

Biocare Research (India) Pvt Ltd

BiocinBioproductsPvt Ltd

Biocon Ltd

Pest Control (India) Pvt Ltd

BioCOSLifesciences Private Limited

Biodigital(P) Ltd

BioEra India

Biogen Idec India

BioGenex Life Sciences Pvt Ltd


BioGenomics Ltd

Biogenteck BG(India) Private Ltd

Bioimagene India Private Ltd

Biolab Diagnostics (I) Pvt Ltd

Biological E. Ltd

Bio-Med Healthcare Products Pvt Ltd

Biomedical Consulting India(Private) Ltd

BioMerieux India

Bioorganic and Applied Materials Pvt Ltd

Bio-Rad Laboratories India Pvt Ltd

Bioscience Research Institute

Bioseeds Research India Pvt Ltd

Bioserve Biotechnologies Ltd

Bioserve Clinical Research Pvt Ltd

Biotech Consortium India Ltd

Biotech Desk Pvt Ltd

Biotech International Ltd

Biotech Park

Biotech Testing Services(BTS)

Biotron Healthcare(India) Pvt Ltd

Biovet Private Limited

Biozeen, Bangalore Biotech Labs Pvt Ltd 

Bisen Biotech &BiopharmaPvt Ltd

Brain Wave Biosolution Ltd.

Brilliant Industries Ltd Vaccine Divison

Business Intelligence Technologies India Pvt Ltd



Cadila Healthcare Ltd

Caius Research Laboratory

Caliber Technologies Pvt Ltd

Cambindia Biotech Kits(Pvt) Ltd

Camson Biotechnologies Ltd

Care Biosystem(I) Pvt Ltd

Carewell Biotech Pvt Ltd

Carl Zeiss India Private Ltd

Catalyst Pharma Consulting 

CBS Technologies Pvt Ltd

Celestial Biolabs Ltd(CBL)

Celgen Biologicals

CellmaxPharmaPvt Ltd

Cellworks Research India Limited

Century Pharmaceuticals Limited

Century Seeds Pvt Ltd

Chembiotek- A TCG Lifesciences Enterprise

Chemcel Biotech Ltd

Chemtron Science Laboratories Pvt Ltd

Chiltern International

Choksi Labs Ltd

Chr Hansen(India) Pvt Ltd

Chromous Biotech Pvt Ltd

Cippy Bio-International

Citizen Scales (I) Pvt Ltd

CL InfotechPvt Ltd

Claris Lifesciences

Clean Air Systems

Viraj Clean Sea Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Clearsynth Labs Private Limited

Clin Tec(India) International Pvt Ltd

Clinigene International

Clininvent Research Pvt Ltd

CliniRx Research


Clonegen Biotechnology

Cogtest Services Pvt Ltd

Comed Chemicals Ltd

Concept Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Concord Biotech Ltd

Concordas Informatics India Pvt Ltd

Connexios Life Sciences

Coral Clinical Systems Tulip Group

Cordlife Ltd

Crest Biotech Pvt Ltd

CRIMS- Chiron Panacea

Cryobanks International india

CuradevPharma Private Limited

Customised Technologies

CVC Technologies Inc.(India)

CytoGenomics(p) Ltd



Dabur Research Foundation

DakoCytomation(DSS ImagetechPvt Ltd)

Dalmia Center for Research and Development

Desigen Diagnostics

Dhanvantari Botanicals Pvt Ltd

Dishman Pharmaceuticals

Doshi Ion Exchange & Chemical Industries 

Dow Agro Sciences 

Dr. Krshna Life Sciences Ltd

Dr. LalPathlabsPvt Ltd 

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd

Dr. Surapaneni’s Genomic Solutions Pvt Ltd

DSS ImagetechPvt Ltd

Dyna Filters Pvt Ltd


E.I.D. Parry(India) Ltd

East India Pharmaceutical Works Ltd


Eli Lily and Company (India) Pvt Ltd

Emergent Genetics India Ltd

Emellen Biotech Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Enem Nostrum Remedies Pvt Ltd

Enertech India

Environmental Protection Research Foundation

EnZene Biosciences Pvt Ltd

Eppendorf India Ltd

Esco Biotech

Eucare Pharmaceuticals

Euphoric Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Evolva Biotech Private Limited

Evotec(India) Private Limited

Excel Industries Ltd

Excel Matrix Biological Devices Pvt Ltd

Ezra Brothers


Fabtech Technologies International


Fermenta Biotech Ltd

Fortune Biotech Ltd

Frontier Life Sciences Ltd

Future Bioscience


G7 Synergon

Ganesh Bio-Control System

Ganga Kaveri Seeds Pvt Ltd

GangagenBiotechnoloogiesPvt Ltd

Garphi Biosciences

GE Healthcare Biosciences Ltd (FormelyAmersham Biosciences)

GencrestPvt Ltd

Gene Byte Private Limited

Genecity Laboratories Pvt Ltd

Gene Learning

Genetix Biotech Asia Pvt Ltd

Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Limited


Genome Diagnostics Pvt Ltd

Genotex International (India) Pvt Ltd

Genotypic Envisions

GenovaBiotechniquePvt Ltd

Gentech Diagnostics Pvt Ltd

Gentek Agro Pvt Ltd

GenxBio Health Sciences Pvt Ltd

GeoMarine Biotechnologies(p) Ltd

Gland PharmaPvt Ltd

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Glo Tech Organics

Godavari Fertilisers and Chemicals Ltd

Godrej Agrovet Ltd(Plant Biotech Division)

Gokulam Biotech

Green Gold Seeds Ltd

Green Signal BiopharmaPvt Ltd

Greenearth Biotechnologies Ltd

Growmore Biotech

Gufic Biosciences Ltd

Gujarat Akruti- TCG Biotech Limited

Gujarat Life Sciences

Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Company Ltd

Gujarat Oleo Chem Ltd/ Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd

Gujarat State Co-operative Marketing Federation Ltd

GVK Biosciences Pvt Ltd


Halffkine Biopharmaceuticals/ Halffkine Biopharmaceutical Corporation Ltd

Harrisons Malayalam Ltd

Health Biotech Limited

Helix Genomics Pvt Ltd

Hester Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Hi Media Laboratories

Hi Tech Agri Services

Hi Tech Bio Laboratories

Hindustan Agrigenetics Ltd

Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd

Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Ltd

Hindustan Insecticides Ltd

Hitech Bio-Services Inc.

Hu Gugle Biotech Ltd

Huclin Research

Hulimava Horticulture Farm

Hysel India Private Ltd


IBI Biosolutions

ICBio Clinical Research Pvt Ltd

ICICI Knowledge Park

iGATE Global Solutions Limited

ILS Bio Services Pvt Ltd

Imgenex India Private Ltd

Immco Diagnostics

Immunoshop India Pvt Ltd

INBIOPRO Solution 

Incozen Therapeutics

Indfrag Limited

India Glycols Limited

Indian Herbs Research & Supply Co. Ltd

Indian Immunologicals Ltd

Indigene Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Indo Bioactive Labs

Indo American Hybrid Seeds(India) Pvt Ltd

Indore Biotech Inputs & Research Pvt Ltd


Indrayani Biotech Ltd

Indus Biotech

Indus Biotherapeutics Ltd

Infitech Global

Innova Biosciences Ltd

Innovassynth Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd

Institute of Natural Organic Agriculture(INORA)

Intas Pharmaceuticals

International Biotech Park

International Panacea Ltd

Intervet India


Invitro International Pvt Ltd

Invitrogen Bioservices India

IPCA Laboratories


ITAG Business Solutions Ltd


J.H. Bio Innovations Private Ltd

  1. K. Agri Genetics Ltd
  2. Mitra& Co. Pvt Ltd


Jai Research Foundation

Jain Biologicals

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd (Tissue Culture Unit)

Jalaja Technologies Pvt Ltd



Juan Biotechnology Private Limited

JubliantBiosys Ltd

Jubilant Clinsys Ltd

Jubilant Organosys Ltd

Jupitar Bioscience Ltd


K.N. Biosciences

K.N. Biosciences Pvt Ltd

KanBiosysPvt Ltd

Kan Healthcare

Kard Scientific India Pvt Ltd

Karnataka Antibiotics

Kaveri Seed Company Pvt Ltd

Kay Farm and Agro Industries Pvt Ltd

Kaypeeyes Biotech Pvt Ltd

KCP Biotech Ltd

KeePharma Ltd

Keltech Energies Ltd


Kendle India

Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy Ltd

Kewaunee Labway India Private Ltd

KF BioplantPvt Ltd

K-Ferts Lab

Khyber Bio-culture Pvt Ltd

Kilpest India Limited

KOP Research Centre Pvt Ltd

Kothari Fermentation &Biochem Ltd

Krebs Biochemicals& Industries Ltd

KrishakBharati Cooperative Ltd 

Krishidhan Seeds Pvt Ltd

Kumar KrishimitraBioproducts

Kumar Organic Products Ltd


L.J International Ltd

Lab India Instruments

Labcare Diagnostics Pvt Ltd

Labex Corporation

Labland Biotech Private Limited

Lablinks Biotech Pvt Ltd

Labmate(Asia) Pvt Ltd


Labvantage Solutions Pvt Ltd

Laila Impex

Laila Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Lambda Therapeutic Research Ltd

Leader Prospects

Leadinvent Technologies Pvt Ltd

LG Life Sciences India Pvt Ltd

Lifecare Innovations Pvt Ltd

Lifecell International

Lifeguard Laboratories

Lila AgrotechPvt Ltd

Lilac Medicare Ltd

Lonza India

Lotus Clinical Research Academy Pvt Ltd

Lotus Labs Pvt Ltd

Lumis Biotech Pvt Ltd

Lupin Ltd


M.R Morka GDC Rural Research Foundation 

Maanya Biotech Ltd


Madhusudan Process & Chemicals Pvt Ltd

MageneLifesciencesPvt Ltd

Mahaan Proteins Ltd

Maharashtra State Seeds Corporation Ltd

Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Co. Ltd

Maharshi Ayurveda Products Ltd

Malladi Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd

ManikirtiBiogemsPvt Ltd

Maple Biotech Pvt Ltd

Maps(India) Ltd

Mardil Medical Devices Pvt Ltd

Margo BiocontrolsPvt Ltd


Marsap Services Private Ltd

Marshall Breeder Pvt Ltd

Mascon Global Limited 

Matrix Laboratories Ltd

Mylan Laboratories Limited 

Matrix-The Innovation Center(A Division Of Praj Industries Ltd)

Mavens Biotech

Max Neeman International

Mayar Infrastructure Development Private Limited 

Medi Spec Instruments India Ltd

Medicamen Biotech

Medicione Biotech Pvt Ltd

Medicure Research Private Limited (MCRPL)

Medispan Ltd

Medsource Ozone BiomedicalsPvt Ltd

Merck Ltd

Merit Biozone Ltd

MetahelixLifesciences Private Limited

Metaome Science Informatics (P) Ltd

Metchnikoff BiosystemPvt Ltd

Metropolis Health Services (India) Pvt Ltd

Micro Devices Metrohm Ltd

Micro Labs

Microbax (India) Pvt Ltd


MiliporePvt Ltd

Minilec India Pvt Ltd

Mission Biofuels India Pvt Ltd

Molecular Connections

Monad Nanotech

Monal Biotechnologies

Monarch Biotech Pvt Ltd

Monozyme Ltd

Monsanto Research Centre

Morepen Laboratories Pvt Ltd

Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Private Limited

Mphasis(HCLS Group)

MSD Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

MSR Biotech Pvt Ltd

MSV Laboratories Pvt Ltd

Muropye Scientific Company

Multiplex Biotech Pvt Ltd

MWG Biotech Pvt Ltd


Nagarjuna Fertilizer & Chemical Limited

Namdhari Seeds

NandanBiomatrix Limited

Nandi Seeds Pvt Ltd

NatcoPharma Ltd

NathBiogene Ltd

National Agriculture Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd(NAFED) (Known as NAFED Biofertiliser)

National Dairy Development Board

Natural Remedies Pvt Ltd

Nav Maharashtra Chakan Oil Mills Ltd(Praveen Agro Industries Ltd)

Navkar Hybrid Seeds Pvt Ltd

Navya Biologicals

Nectar Lifesciences Ltd

Neugen Diagnostics Pvt Ltd

New Rich Sai Biotech

Nichi-In Center For Regenerative Medicine

Nirmal Seeds Pvt Ltd

Niulab Equipment Company Pvt Ltd

Norwich Clinical Service

NovaleadPharmaPvt Ltd

Novo Nordisk India Pvt Ltd

Novozymes South Asia

Nunhems India Pvt Ltd

Nutracryst Therapeutics Pvt Ltd

Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd

NW Overseas Pvt Ltd


OcimumBiosolution(india) Ltd

Olivine International

Onco Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

Oncophyta Labs Private Ltd

Operon Biotech Pvt Ltd

Orchid Biomedical Systems

Tulip Diagnostics (p) Ltd

Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Organica Biotech Pvt Ltd

Oriental Biotech Ltd

OSB Agencies Pvt Ltd

Oxys Technologies Pvt Ltd

Ozone Biotech


Paks Agro Vision

Palamoor Seeds Pvt Ltd

Pall India (P) Ltd

Palm Grove Nurseries

Panacea Biotech Ltd

Pappayin Products(India)

Paras Extra Growth Seeds Ltd

Parry Nutraceuticals Ltd

Patel Seeds Pvt Ltd

Pelican Biotech and Chemicals Labs 

Perfint Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Perkin Elmer India

Persistent Systems Private Ltd

Phalad Agro Research Foundations Pvt Ltd

PHI Seeds Ltd

Phulwari Biotech Ltd

Pioneer Enterprise 

PiramalLifesciences Ltd

Pisces Instruments

PJ Margo Pvt Ltd

Polyclone BioservicesPvt Ltd

Pondicherry Biotech Pvt Ltd

Pooja Lab Equipments

Poseidon Biotech


PrabhatAgri Biotech Ltd

Pragati Biotech Pvt Ltd

Praj Matrix – The Innovation Center (A Divison Of Praj Industries)

Prathishta Industries Ltd 

Pravardhan Seeds Pvt Ltd

Premas Biotech Pvt Ltd

Premium Phytoceuticals Private Ltd

Privi Organics Ltd

Priya Chemicals

Proalgen Biotech Ltd

Professional Biotech Pvt Ltd

Prospero Health Sciences Pvt Ltd

Pudumjee Plant Laboratories Ltd


Q3 Technologies

QtechNanosystemsPvt Ltd

Qualpro Diagnostics 

Quantum NanoScientific

Quintiles Data Processing Center Pvt Ltd

Quintiles Research Pvt Ltd

Quintiles Technologies Pvt Ltd


Raj Biotech Pvt Ltd

Rajkeerth Aromatics & Biotech Pvt Ltd 

Ranbaxy Laboratories Pvt Ltd

Randox Laboratories Ltd

RAS LifesciencesPvt Ltd

Rasi Seeds Pvt Ltd

RathnaBiotekPvt Ltd

Rational Labs Pvt Ltd

Ravindranath GE Medical Associates Pvt Ltd(Global Hospital Group)

RCC Laboratories India Pvt Ltd

RealMetrix India

Reckon Diagnostics Pvt Ltd

Regain Biotechnology Pvt Ltd

Reliance Life Sciences Pvt Ltd (RLS)

Resil Chemicals Pvt Ltd


RichcoreLifesciencesPvt Ltd

Roche Diagnostics India Pvt Ltd

Romvijay Biotech Pvt Ltd

Rossari Biotech Ltd

RPG Life Sciences Ltd

Rubicon Research Pvt Ltd

Rushi Healthcare Pvt Ltd



S.I.V Industries Ltd

Saamya Biotech Ltd

Sabarmati Ashram Guashala

Saf Yeast Co. Pvt Ltd

SaiPhytoceuticalsPvt Ltd

Sami Labs Ltd

Sandor Proteomics Pvt Ltd

Sangene Biotech Pvt Ltd

Sartorius India Pvt Ltd

SAS Institute


SaubhagyaKalpataruPvt Ltd

Saveer Biotech Ltd

Saxsons Biotech

Scigenics Biotech Pvt Ltd

Seedworks India Pvt Ltd

Seminis Vegetable Seeds India Ltd

Semler Research Center

Sepragen Biotech India Pvt Ltd

SericareDivison of HealtlinePvt Ltd

Serum Institute of India Ltd

Servewell Instruments Pvt Ltd

Shali Biotech Pvt Ltd

Nivshakti Biotech Ltd


Shasun chemical & Drugs Ltd

Sheel Biotech Ltd

Shimadzu Analytical (India) Pvt Ltd

Shree Sadguru Biologicals

Shreya LifesciencesPvt Ltd

Shri Ram solvent Extraction

Shri Ramco Biotech

ShriramBioseeds Genetics India Ltd

SHRM Biotechnologies

Sidmak Laboratories Pvt Ltd

Sigma Aldrich

SimbiosysBiowares India (p) Ltd

SimplyfeyeSoftwaresPvt Ltd

Sipra Labs Pvt Ltd

Siri Technologies Private Ltd

SIRO ClinpharmPvt Ltd

Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt Ltd

SK Marine Technologies

SOM Phytopharma

South East Agro

Southern Online Biotechnologies Ltd

Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Ltd

Span Diagnostics Ltd

SPC Biotech Private Ltd

Spectrum Consultant Pvt Ltd

Spectrum Healthcare /Shah Diagnostics

SphaeraPharam Research & Development Pvt Ltd

Spinco Biotech

SreeRamcides Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Sri Balaji Biotech

Sri Biotech Lab India Ltd

Sri Raghuvendra Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd

Sri Sai Agro Bio Labs Pvt Ltd

Sri SaiFibresPvt Ltd

Sristek Consulting 

SRL Ranbaxy Ltd

Star Paper Mills Limited 

Stemcyte India Therapeutic (SCITPL) 

Stempeutics Research Private Limited

Sterikit India

Sterling Biotech

Sterling Synergy Systems

Strand Life Sciences Pvt Ltd(Formely Strand Genomics Pvt Ltd)

Strides Arcolab

Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd

Sud-Chemie India Private Ltd

Sudershan Biotech Ltd

Sugen Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

Sumit Biosciences Pvt Ltd

Sun AgrigeneticsPvt Ltd

Sun Agro BiosystemPvt Ltd

Sun Biotechnology Ltd

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Sunglow Biotech

Sungro Seeds Ltd

Surya Pharmaceuticals

Suven Life Sciences

Suyog Diagnostics Pvt Ltd

Synbiotics Ltd

Synchron Research Pvt Ltd

SyncorpClincare Technologies

Syngene International

Syngenta India Ltd(Seeds Divison)

SysArris Software Private Ltd


  1. Stanes& Company Ltd

Tanya Biotech

Tata Chemicals Ltd

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Elxsi Ltd

TCG Lifesciences Limited 

TCGA(The Center Genomic Application)

TechnicoAgri Sciences Ltd

Technoconcept India Pvt Ltd

Terra Firma Biotechnologies Ltd

Tetragon ChemiePvt Ltd

Tex Biosciences Pvt Ltd (Formerly Textan Chemicals (P) Ltd)

Thar Biotech

Thar Technologies Pvt Ltd 

The Fertilisers& Chemicals Travancore Ltd

The SIMA Cotton Development & Research Association 

Themis Medicare

Thermax Limited

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermolab Scientific EquipmentsPvt Ltd

ThinkGen Ltd

TICEL Bio Park Ltd

Titan Biotech Ltd

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd

TransasiaBiomedicals Ltd

Transgene Biotek

Trivitiron Health Care Pvt Ltd

Tulasi Seeds Pvt Ltd 

Tulip Diagnostics(P) Ltd

Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals and Fertilisers Ltd

Sanzyme Ltd


Unichem Laboratories Ltd

Unimark Remedies

Unique Biotech Ltd



Varda Biotech (P) Ltd

Vasu Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Vedic LifesciencesPvt Ltd

Veeda Clinical Research

Vega Medicare Ltd

Venkateshwara Goats & Bioresearch (India) Limited

Venkateshwara Hatcheries Pvt Ltd(Ventri Biologicals, Vaccine Divison)

Venkateshwara Ayurveda Nilayam Limited 

Venus Medicine Research Center /Venus Remedies Ltd

Venus Remedies Ltd

VHB Life Sciences Inc.

Vibha Seeds 

VikkisAgrotech Ltd

Vikram Seeds Ltd

Vimta Labs Ltd

VINS Bioproducts

Viraj Clean Sea Enterprises

Virchow Biotech Pvt Ltd

Vishal Biotechnologies

VishwaMithra Bio Agro (P) Ltd

Viswagen Biotech Pvt Ltd

VittalMalya Scientific Research Foundation 

Vivan Life Sciences

Vivekananda Institute of Biotechnology

Vivo biotech 

VLife Sciences Technologies Pvt Ltd

VM Biotech

Voisin Consulting’s


Waters(India) Pvt Ltd

Western Agri Seeds(P) Ltd

Whitefield AgrotechPvt Ltd

Wipro Biomed

Wockhardt Ltd

Wyelth Ltd


Xcelris Labs Ltd

XCyton Diagnostics

Xpression Biotek Private Ltd


Yashoda Hybrid Seeds

Yashraj Biotechnology Ltd


Zandu Foundation for Health Care

Zelle Biotechnology Pvt Ltd

Zenotech Laboratories Ltd

Zifo Technologies Private Ltd 

Zydus Research Center

Zytex Corporation

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