Join as Scientific Adviser

Respected professor,

We cordially invite you to join as a Scientific Adviser for This will be a non-monetary consulting position for the promotion of Life Sciences in India and all around the world.

Role of Scientific Adviser

  • To encourage students to write and publish articles on

  • To organize the career development events in your city once in every 2 years. (Honorarium will be provided)

  • To make students aware about the opportunities in Life Sciences.

  • To advise Gobioplanet related to its scientific affairs.

  • To promote Science and Scientific careers.


  • Certificate of joining will be provided.

  • This activity will help in improving Academic Performance Indicator (API) score.

Key points to note:

  • This will be a lifetime position.

  • Honorarium will be decided by Gobioplanet and can be changed accordingly.

  • All the communication will be made through emails.

    If you are interested to join, please drop us a message via email.

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