“Developing Bioinformatics Application with Perl/BioPerl”

Announcing 4 Days Workshop

“Developing Bioinformatics Application with Perl/BioPerl”

23rd to 26th October 2015. Perl is popular in bio-informatics because it is originally a text-processing language. Any advanced or computationally expensive jobs are usually written in Java, or C, and run on a cluster. However, Perl has all the same abilities, data constructs and methods of other languages, and its easier to learn then most.

What makes Perl so useful for bioinformatics is that there are so many bioinformatics (and scientific in general) extensions and modules for Perl:

  • This is good for researchers and scientists not very experienced with programming, as they can easily pick up Perl and get their desired task(s) accomplished
  • In a great many cases, the language’s design and abilities make it an almost perfect fit for the job.
  • All these make Perl a good contender for scientific research, especially in fields where the data to process is mostly in text format.

There are lots of pre-existing scripts to use, including Bio-Perl ,which is an international open-source collaboration of biologists, bioinformaticians, and computer scientists that has evolved over the past 7 yr into the most comprehensive library of Perl modules available for managing and manipulating life-science information. Bioperl provides an easy-to-use, stable, and consistent programming interface for bioinformatics application programmers. The Bioperl modules have been successfully and repeatedly used to reduce otherwise complex tasks to only a few lines of code.


The objective of the workshop is to train participants in becoming a beginner Perl programmer. At the end of the Perl training course, participants will have a good working knowledge of the Perl programming language and ability to develop the Perl Scripts which will help them to channelize their work.

Salient Features:

  • Training will be on Easy eclipse which is widely use across Industry
  • 100% practical session
  • Working on live project under expert Bioinformaticians
In this Workshop following topics will be covered:
  • What is Perl and it’s applications?
  • How to use variables and operators in Perl?
  • how to use decision making statements in Perl?
  • How to use iteration in Perl?
  • How to read and write files using Perl?
  • What is regular expression?
  • What Is subroutine and its application?
  • What is BioPerl?
  • What are different biological file formats?
  • How to Read Biological sequence data file using BioPerl?
  • How to create biological sequence data file using BioPerl?
  • How to predict domain/motif using BioPerl?
For More Details : http://www.rasalsi.com/workshop.html
Ph.No :Ph no: 020-65600408 / 8411927535/7798668315 .



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