Apply for the Post of Facility Assistants @ inStem, Bengaluru

Name of the Post : Facility Assistants

Qualification & Experience:

JRF level / BE/B.Tech/ M.Pharma/Masters in any biological sciences discipline with prior experience or training in laboratory animal sciences. Preference will be given to candidates with good experience and expertise in mouse methodologies and surgeries with excellent organization, record keeping, and communication skills. Candidates must be fluent in spoken and written English.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the routine animal husbandry and welfare activities of an imal care takers/support staff and students.
  • Assist the facility v eterinarian in provi ding guidance and training to new students/animal users/care taker staff in the proper use of the SPF Animal facility, humane handling of animals, implement ing facility SOPs and proper laboratory animal Ethics .
  • Training and a ssisting users in surgical procedures such as anes thesia, analgesia, breeding and maintenance of animal colonies; weaning, sexing, tail biopsies for genotyping, establishing timed pregnant females, euthanasia etc.
  • Rigorous animal monitoring and m anagement of breeding and experimental animal usage records us ing the barcoded Animal Colony M anagement System.
  • Assisting the Mouse Genome Engineering staff in various related mol ecular biology procedures, in vitro fe rtilization, stock cryopreservation, embryo transfers and animal surgeries.
  • The Animal Facility is an essential service, so selected Facility Assistant must be ready to work in shifts during Week – Ends and h olidays when required as per Veterinarian’s instructions.


Pay Scale : As per Govt. norms based on experience and qualification.

How to Apply: 

  • Please carefully read in structions below –
  • Invalid & incomplete applications will NOT be considered

Candidates MUST send an updated CV/resume AND a MANDATORY one page COVER LETTER written b y the candidate describing his/her background and his reason and interest for applying to this particular animal facility assistant job . The TWO documents ( CV + COVER LETTER ) should be saved with the candi d ate ’ s name in the file name and sent via email to: before March 23 rd 2018.

More information on: ]

Application Deadlinebefore March 23 rd 2018


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